Winter Issue 2004-2005

Welcome to, where you will see the ultimate battles play out between fictional heroes, villains, and sci-fi vehicles from every genre. Ever find yourself in an argument over who would win between Starfleet and the Deathstar? Hawkman vs Archangel? The Predator matched against Bruce Lee, maybe? Well, true believers, this is where those questions will be answered. Using advanced modeling and simulation software, we create these battles in virtual reality, (A mathematical, virtual reality) for your (and our) viewing pleasure! In addition, we will often run an "exhibition match", that you, the fan get to vote on. That's right, you decide the outcome of the exhibition match-ups. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Click here to enter the forum.

Ultimate Battles' 2004 Game of the Year!

This year's award goes to:

This is, bar none, THE Ultimate Battle for 2004! Atari and GameSpy join forces with the creative masters of Toho Studio, to bring the fight of the year into your living room. While the game is a little slow by your run of the mill "fighter" titles, the battles are very true to the Godzilla Universe. Comparing this game to other fighters is a small minded view of what this game is. If you want Mortal Kombat, then BUY Mortal Kombat. This game delivers exactly what the box says it does, and more. This game provides you with everything you need to watch these titans duke it out at a moment's notice. One of the great features of this title, is the ability to play against other gamers online. YES ONLINE GODZILLA MAYHEM! You get the chance to play as your favorite Toho property in the story-driven "Action Mode" or choose one of the other modes if your mood is bent more toward a live opponent, helpless buildings, or just a livingroom pretzel and Dew fest. This game is also the ONLY place you can get exclusive images of the upcoming "GODZILLA: Tokyo SOS" movie. This is the last Godzilla movie Toho plans to make. Long story short: This is a "Must Have" for any Kaiju fan, or Godzilla-holic.

Happy 50th birthday Godzilla. Blow out Tokyo and make a wish!

Ultimate Battles' Gaming Spotlight

AutoAssault is set to be the Cinderella Story of 2005, and UltimateBattles will be sponsoring its own Clan, as usual.

Why did we drop StarWars so quickly? Because it SUCKED. Then they patched it to add to the SUCK. Then the customer service is what we have come to expect from SUCKED. Many of our crew are busy playing WoW and CoH with much joy, so we are gearing up for our next group effort.

AutoAssault is an MMO with no debt. That's right, they are emphasizing FUN. And get this kids, it has built-in physics. Things blow up. Cars jump. People are tossed like ragdolls. An action game, in an MMO. Somebody pinch me. (Not you Darby.)

What's the main jist of the thing? Glad you asked. Picture this: Post nuclear planet where mutants roam. Cars with machine guns on them. Tanks in the hands of the populace at large. Wirey bands of survivors trying to put the world back to right, while blowing stuff up in the process. The game features solo play, story-lines, group play, PVP arenas and a world where things that get blown up, STAY blown up. Our guild page will be revamped over the next few weeks with our new theme and our plan is to devote the usual 2 year cycle to it, but you never know. EverQuest lasted for four years, and StarWars, well....IT SUCKED.

Check our new clan site for a complete writeup.

Ultimate Battles' Geek Project

Currently we are helping a partial quadriplegic, by building a controller for his Play Station, that he can actually use.

You can view the progress of the project here:,28718.0.html

Exhibition Match

"Iron Chef"

Jeff Dahmer


Dr Hannibal Lector
Mark: Welcome again to the BattleDome for what is going to be an unforgettable fight.

Darby: Right you are, Dough Boy. I can't wait to see these two cannibals go at it.

Mark: Okay the rings are dropping and Jeff Dalmer and Han "the man" Lector are being teleported in....wait...there is a third ring! Who is that?

Darby: That, my trash-scientist friend, is Kaga Takeshi of Iron Chef fame.

Mark: Oh my lord! The arena has just beamed in a morgue. What the hell is Omega up to?

Darby: I would think it would be obvious. This battle is a COOK OFF!

Mark: I think I need a shot from your flask.

Darby: Hannible is selecting feet from the women, onions, some fresh herbs and I can't read the label from here, but it looks like a white wine...

Mark: **ralph**

Darby: It looks like Dalmer is having a slow start...make that NO start. Dalmer isn't cooking....he just started EATING.


Darby: He may not have a sense of style, but you have to give him points just for the sheer energy he is putting into it. It looks like he thinks this is an eating contest.

Mark: **sob** Oh dear God why?!?

Darby: Lector is mixing the wine with some oil and flour, making a thin rueax, and spicing it up with some crushed chilies.

Mark: **face in hands**

Darby: I can smell those dumpling from here. It looks like Jeff still doesn't get it.

Mark: I am not can't make me look.

Darby: The presentation is lovely, but at this point he could win with a grilled cheeze.

Mark: Are we there yet?

Darby: And Kaga Takeshi makes it official....Hannible Lector WINS!!!

Mark: While the the ArenaBots clean up the arena, let me take this chance to remind you all not to drink and drive this holiday season. You can never take back the death of a child.

Darby: That's right. Just drink until you pass out, then you don't have to worry about it. Better yet, do what I did. Get so many student loans, you can never afford to have a car anyway. **chomp**

Mark: Um...Darby....what are you eating?

Hannibal Lector - MGM
Jeff Dahmer - Satan
Kaga Takeshi - Iron Chef

Coming This Spring!

Exhibition Match

Giant Red and Silver Guys Rumble



Jet Jaguar

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